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6 Things to Never Do to Your Tattoo

6 Tattoo No's

Overheard in the tattoo shop; “Don’t let anyone touch it…or lick it.” It may sound crazy, but stranger things have happened. When it comes to caring for your tattoos, make sure you never make these six mistakes:

Scratching – While it may seem obvious, scratching that peeling, itchy new ink is never a good idea. Patting, slapping, peeling and rubbing also falls into the “no, no” category. To help soothe the annoying itch, use Tattoo Goo lotion with Panthenol—which should take the itching away and speed up the healing process.

Don’t let anyone touch it (or, yes, lick it) – Why? Because germs that’s why. Your new tattoo is like an open wound. It’s easily susceptible to germs and infections.

Poor ingredients – This is the big one. Tattoo artists may recommend some over-the-counter products for you to care for your tattoo, but always, always check the ingredients first. Common ingredients like petroleum jelly may make it seem like you’re moisturizing your tattoo when, in fact, you’re just suffocating the healing skin. Another one to watch out for is lanolin. Lanolin comes from sheep (which is the first problem), and if you’re allergic to wool, chances are you’re allergic to lanolin. This ingredient can also cause lightening of the skin—and your ink. All of Tattoo Goo’s products are cruelty free and made with the best ingredients for healing tattooed skin.

Touch it with dirty hands – Other people aren’t the only ones you don’t want touching your tattoo. If you haven’t washed your hands lately, avoid touching your tattoo—you never know what germs you may have picked up. Likewise, you should make sure you’re washing your tattoo with an antibacterial soap at least 2x per day to combat any germs that may have come in contact with your skin.

Don’t over-moisturize – A thin layer of moisturizing lotion or balm is all your tattoo needs to stay hydrated. By applying too much, you risk oversaturating and suffocating your new ink, which will slow the healing process.

Sunbathe without SPF – Unless you want your ink to fade extremely fast and have to go in for touch ups often, do yourself a favor and lather on a layer of SPF before catching those rays. If you’ve been a little forgetful, not to worry, check out Tattoo Goo Renew, which can restore the vibrancy in your ink and protects against the sun’s harmful rays with SPF30!