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6 Things You Should Do (and not do) Before Heading to the Tattoo Shop

1. Skip the caffeinated drinks and alcohol. 

While you may think alcohol will numb the pain, it’s actually illegal to tattoo someone under the influence in most states. So if you’re serious about your ink, grin and bear it. Caffeine and alcohol also both thin the blood, which makes it harder to tattoo.

2. Keep it Clean. 

Keep in mind that getting tattooed is like wounding yourself. While your artist will also clean the area, they also will appreciate you not smelling.

3. Grub and hydrate. 

Eating a meal before you get inked will help prevent fainting or sickness. If you’re getting a piece that takes more than a few hours, packing a snack is also recommended.

4. Shave, don’t wax.

(Because, ow.)

5. Skip the sun. 

Or the tanning bed.

6. Be prepared for aftercare. 

The last thing you want to do is be running around grabbing soap and over-the-counter items that contain ingredients which may harm your new ink (like petroleum or lanolin). Make sure you’re equipped with our Tattoo Goo Tattoo Aftercare Kit, which has everything you need to care for your healing ink and beyond. You can find us online at Amazon, or in-store at Walmart, or Walgreens among others. You can check out our site for a full list of retailers.