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7 Rules to Follow After Getting a Tattoo

So you decided to get a new tattoo – fantastic! Now, all you have to do is take care of it. Not only because touch ups can be expensive, but you also want it to heal properly and maintain the same quality you had when walked out of your artist’s tattoo shop. Thus, we’ve gathered seven must-do tips if you’re rocking some healing inked skin.

1. Don’t remove the bandage too soon. (We know it’s tempting)

Or reapply it once it’s off. Always listen to your artist’s advice regarding how long to leave the bandage on—generally, they’ll tell you two to four hours.

2. Wash gently.

Treat your tattoo like a healing wound (because it is). Make sure you are washing it clean at least 2x per day. Be gentle, don’t scrub, and pat dry. When you wash your tattoo, always use products with ingredients meant for tattoos, such as Tattoo Goo Deep Cleansing Soap.

3. No scratching. 

Your tattoo will likely itch and peel during the healing process. When it does, we recommend using Tattoo Goo lotion with Panthenol, an ingredient that will help soothe the itch, allow you to keep your sanity and resist harmful scratching that could ruin your new ink.

4. Avoid water. 

Swimming, bathing, Jacuzzis, hot tubs, the ocean. For the first two weeks after getting tattooed, avoid being submerged in water all together.  And if you’re reading this during the summer while your friends scamper and frolic past you on their way to the beach, take a moment of silence for yourself. Then with that next tattoo, maybe aim for spring instead.

5. Moisturize.

For healthy healing and vibrant ink, moisturization should be part of your daily routine. Make sure to avoid things like petroleum jelly or oil-based products. Tattoo Goo lotion, and salve are both great choices for healing tattoos because they contain the same natural components lost by the skin during the tattooing process.

6. Ditch the tight clothing…for now.

Time to bust out those hammer pants. During the first two weeks of healing, you should avoid wearing anything tight. Think of it like having a scrape or burn—you wouldn’t want clothing to be rubbing against it all day.

7. Block those UV rays.

If you want to avoid getting touch ups often, make sure you’re using sunscreen every time your tattoo will be exposed to the sun. Our Renew Lotion is packed with SPF30+ and ingredients to help your tattoo stay looking vibrant for years. (Note that you should only use sunscreen once your tattoo is fully healed.)