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Body Piercings You Can Hide

Body Piercings You Can HIde

We love our piercings. Like a new haircut or makeup, they’re beautiful and bold expressions of who we are. But there may be times where we want to hide our piercings from view. Luckily, there are many body piercing placements and jewelry styles that are easy to hide.

Septum Piercing

The septum piercing is one of the most popular piercings with tons of jewelry choices – straight barbells, d-rings, and circular barbells. But if you’re going somewhere after work or need an easy switch-up, we recommend wearing the horseshoe nose ring.

There’s a gap between the ring that lets you flip the jewelry up into your nose for fast concealment. Try going for a horseshoe nose ring with studs rather than jagged stones, as it helps to keep your nose from feeling itchy throughout the day. You can also look for a black-colored retainer or any dark-colored jewelry with less reflective material for better concealment.

Belly Button Piercing

Piercings are one of the most dynamic symbols of self-expression, but some people might want to take a bit of a more reserved approach. That said, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a piercing easier to hide than the timeless belly button piercing. They’re always in fashion, come with so many styles of jewelry, and all you need is a shirt long enough to cover your belly! 

Belly button piercings are also the perfect accessory in the summertime when you’re out enjoying fun in the sun. However, it’s important to remember that while the summertime may seem like the perfect season to go out and get a new piercing, you still need to make sure your body art has a chance to heal properly. Discover some tips and tricks on proper summertime piercing care

Note that you’ll want to avoid tight-fitting shirts or high-waisted clothing. The stem of the piercing goes through the top ridge of your navel. Clothing rubbing against the piercing will feel uncomfortable at best and snag at worst.

Dermal Piercing

A dermal piercing can be placed on any piece of skin with a flat surface for a dermal anchor under the dermis to stay in place. Some of the most popular placements are the collar bones, lower back, chest, and hips.

They’re beautiful pieces of jewelry that are simple to clean and keep dry. For those harder-to-reach areas, you should use X-Pressions Extra Strength Antiseptic Spray by Tattoo Goo. The spray is specially formulated to prevent infection, inflammation, and scarring for dermal and oral piercings. It’s perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle that demands an easy-to-apply piercing cleaning routine.

The healing time of a dermal piercing can vary depending on where you have it. Since they can go on any flat piece of skin, they’re easier to conceal under clothing and hair. However, this does make them more susceptible to irritation. Some parts of the body, like the lower back, are less likely to get tugged by clothing, whereas your chest has more contact with clothing. It’s important to keep an eye on the piercing in case of inflammation or bleeding.

Helix Piercings

Yes, a helix piercing does lay on the upper part of your ear and is within line of sight. But the upper part of your ear can be covered with longer hairstyles, hats, bandanas, and other headgear. Ear piercings overall are more likely to be accepted by dress codes. Shorter hairstyles will have a harder time concealing a helix piercing. The smaller and simpler the jewelry, the less likely it’ll stand out.

Mouth and Oral Piercings

Some mouth and oral piercings are easier to hide than others. Piercings under the tongue, the frowny, and smiley piercings are simple to hide. Piercings on your lips or on the top of your tongue are difficult. However, there’s one other factor to mouth and oral piercings that make them challenging to hide – healing.

If you must do a lot of speaking sometime soon, you’ll have a hard time doing so while your tongue piercings are healing. There’s also the time needed to get used to speaking without a lisp. Luckily, mouth and oral piercings tend to heal quickly as the area sees lots of blood flow. Letting your mouth and oral piercings heal to prevent infection is important, especially to keep the piercing hidden.

Your Piercing Aftercare Journey 

No matter the location, the skin around new piercings is often red, swollen, and slightly tender for a few days following the initial appointment. Each new piercing is considered a wound, meaning proper aftercare is imperative in the healing process. Slacking off on aftercare or using harmful products will only prolong your discomfort and possibly lead to infection. 

There are several misconceptions about proper piercing aftercare. Ultimately, aftercare is about using the right solutions, avoiding irritation, and handling with caution. Using a complete cleansing and sanitation bundle like Tattoo Goo’s Piercing Aftercare Kit helps you cover all your bases. Our kit is formulated specifically to work with all piercings, meaning it’s both a safe and effective solution. While the bundle helps streamline piercing aftercare, our products are also sold separately. Start your journey to healing by checking out our safe, natural, and moisture-rich piercing aftercare products so you can enjoy your piercings without worry.