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Featured Artist: Nico Perez

Niko has always been an artist and loves all forms of art including drawing and sculpture. Although he never studied art formally, he participated in any and all art classes growing up in the New Jersey public school system.

The opportunity to begin his career as a tattoo artist came unexpectedly when a practicing tattoo artist found a sketchbook Niko left lying around and, after viewing it,  immediately offered him an apprenticeship.

Niko hadn’t thought about tattooing as a profession. However, by that time he had several tattoos himself and the experience of getting a tattoo was part of what drew him to the art of creating them. Thus, he took the opportunity and his career as a tattoo artist began.

After his apprenticeship ended, Niko expanded his skill set by working for different shops in the New Jersey area and attending tattoo conventions. In 2013, he attended a convention in Asbury Park, New Jersey where he met Joey Tattoo, a prominent artist in his own right and host of Spike TV’s Tattoo Rescue. Niko earned a spot in Joey’s shop a week later, and has been turning out amazing work for Bella Arte Tattoo ever since.