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Featured Artist: Ryleigh Benjamin

Ryleigh has been obsessed with tattoos for as long as she can remember. Growing up she was always fascinated with the artwork and constantly wanting to wear temporary tattoos. At 18 she was finally able to get her first tattoo… and she chose to do her entire spine. Since then the fascination has only grown.

After earning two college degrees Ryleigh set out for the corporate world… after 8 short months Ryleigh realized she wanted to get back to her creative roots and be able to spend time with clients of the mindset. Then after some trial and error… Couture Ink LLC was born.

Ryleigh does all fineline work. She specializes in this new style of tattooing. She likes not only the delicacy and detail this style embodies but also the clientele that comes with it.

Tiny tattoos with big meaning is how she often describes it. Something as “simple” as a handwriting replica can hold so much emotion for the client. Ryleigh also says she often feels as though she gets to tattoo a lot of people who may have never gotten one because of intimidation or style choices.