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Flash Tattoo or Original Artwork: Which Is Best for You?

Flash Tattoo or Original Artwork

Picking the perfect tattoo for you can be a process. Sometimes it takes weeks, months, or even years to find the perfect image; and sometimes it’s just a matter of minutes before taking your place in the tattoo parlor chair. This is because there’s so much to consider when picking a tattoo: Where the artwork will go, how large it will be, and whether you want multiple colors or just one. Since it’s permanent, you want to make sure you get it right.

One of the many things you’ll think about before the needle starts buzzing is whether you want a flash tattoo or an original piece of artwork. Both have some great features and a few drawbacks to keep in mind. Here are some points to consider when deciding whether a flash tattoo or an original design is best for you.

Finding Your Favorite Flash Tattoo

Do you have a general idea of what you want for a tattoo, but aren’t sure about the specific details? Do you love a certain style of tattoo artwork, but want inspiration from current or classic designs? If so, consider getting a flash tattoo.

Flash tattoos are a great choice for people who want to get the same ink style they’ve seen on other people or a classic and iconic image like a star or an anchor. Tattoo parlors usually have several flash tattoos to choose from. You could spend a while looking through albums or wall panels filled with hundreds or even thousands of designs and samples. Friends who want matching tattoos often opt for flash artwork, especially if they want a quick and easy way to select their image.

You can also get a flash tattoo done more efficiently than a custom tattoo, as you don’t have to spend time working with your artist to create and finalize an original design. Some tattoo parlors even offer specials on flash tattoos on certain holidays or to fundraise for organizations.

Overall, consider getting a flash tattoo if:

  • You want a popular tattoo style or a design that might already exist,
  • You have a design idea but are open to suggestions from your artist, and
  • You’re looking to be economical with your time and money.

When to Opt for Original Artwork

While flash tattoos are popular for several reasons, many people prefer to work with an artist to create a customized design for a tattoo that’s truly original. This may be for sentimental reasons, such as creating a tribute to a loved one. Some people opt for original tattoo designs because they can’t find a flash image that’s close enough to what they’re looking for, while others just want a design that no one else has.

While a custom and original tattoo will set you apart from the crowd, it’s going to be a more costly and time-intensive process than getting a flash tattoo. Most tattoo artists will charge you for the time spent designing the artwork, so be prepared for that. Talk with your artist about estimating the time that the whole design process may take.

In addition, some original artwork may take up more room on your skin than a flash tattoo, so be prepared for that additional time and cost as well. Be open to collaborating with your artist on what they think will work best on the body area you want to get tattooed – for example, letters and dates might not stay clear and crisp on areas that are prone to a lot of stretching. If you have your heart set on an original tattoo design that’s pretty small, make sure you get your artist’s opinion on whether it will look the way you want.

In summation, go for an original tattoo design if:

  • You want ink that’s truly unique and
  • You have the time and money to work with an artist to create a custom piece.

Different Tattoo Choices, Same Great Tattoo Aftercare

Whether you choose to get a flash tattoo or an original piece of artwork inked, you’ll want to make sure it looks clear and vibrant for as long as possible. Fortunately, Tattoo Goo makes it easy to care for your new tattoo during every step of the healing process and beyond.

The Tattoo Goo Tattoo Aftercare Kit contains everything you need to get through those first two weeks of critical healing and on the road to long-term tattoo care (plus, the kit offers a discount compared to buying all the products individually). You can also stock up on specific items if you’re running low. The beloved Tattoo Goo Balm – available in the classic size and a perfect-for-travel mini size – provide healing and protection at every stage of your tattoo’s life, while the unscented and alcohol-free Tattoo Goo Antimicrobial Soap is perfect for keeping your fresh ink (or piercing) clean. And once your tattoo reaches that oh-so-fun itchy stage, you can use the Tattoo Goo Lotion with Healix Gold + Panthenol to relieve itching.

Choosing whether to get a flash tattoo or an original tattoo is totally up to you. But no matter what you pick, Tattoo Goo products can help your tattoo throughout the healing process and keep your ink looking fantastic.