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Fun Facts We Love About Body Piercings

Body piercing is celebrated throughout the world, as a form of fashion, status, or religious expression. In fact, the oldest known earlobe piercing was found on a 5,000-year-old mummy in an Austrian Glacier in 1991.[1] The earlobe piercing was enlarged to 7-11mm diameter, and it is believed to have been part of a spiritual practice.

Self-expression is at the core of what it means to be human. From hairstyles and clothing to tattoos and body piercings, we all have an innate desire to show who we are and what we’re about. So, take pride in your piercings and express yourself! Below are some interesting facts that we love about piercings.

Over 80% of Americans have their earlobes pierced

That is quite a lot of people with ear piercings! But what maybe even more surprising is 14% of Americans have a piercing outside of the earlobes. Ear cartilage, tongue, and navel piercings are also popular, followed by eyebrows, lips, and nose.[2]

Some People Are Allergic to Metal Jewelry

Jewelry can be made from all types of materials—from bone to silver. However, some people can be allergic to jewelry containing nickel, cobalt, or white gold. Nickel is the most common of the three. Some people may experience a burning sensation or report feeling nauseated after putting in the piercing with the reaction subsiding shortly after they have removed it.

Today, most piercings are typically made from surgical-grade stainless steel or titanium to avoid causing an allergic reaction. Pure gold also tends to be safe from allergic reactions, albeit much more expensive. So when getting a piercing, be sure to know the kind of material your jewelry is made from.

Some Areas Heal Faster Than Others

As a rule of thumb, the better the circulation in a part of the body, the faster it heals and with fewer complications. Piercing placements like your earlobes, tongue, and lips will have the fastest healing rates due to their vascularity—typically healing in a month.

Other common piercings like the nose or the helix part of your ear will take longer to heal, and because of the lack of blood flow, will require more cleaning to keep from getting infected. Make cleaning your helix or nose piercing simple and try X-Pressions Extra Strength Antiseptic Swabs by Tattoo Goo. In just a snap, the antibacterial and antimicrobial formula flows into the swab for complete control over your piercing cleaning routine. There’s no alcohol and the formula is water-based for a soothing experience.

Nose Piercings and The Beatles

Speaking of nose piercings, if you’re rocking one today, you have the legendary British rock band the Beatles to thank for that. When the Beatles traveled to India in the 1960s, they brought with them the eyes and ears of the world as hippie culture began to blossom and grow into western culture.

One piece of Indian culture that came to the west was the popularity of the nose piercing. It was a way for rebellious youth to express themselves. All these decades later and the nose piercing still survives as a popular expression of body art.

Scotland Is Home to the Most Pierced Person in the Word

One of Scotland’s pride and joy, Elaine Davidson has held the world record since 2006 as the most pierced person in the world with over 462 piercings, 192 of them on her face alone.[3] She claims her massive collection is continuing to grow and aims for a piercing total in the thousands.

Sometimes, being comfortable in your own skin is literal. Scabbing, leaking body fluids and infections are the least fun part of getting a new piercing. Keep your piercings clean and healthy by regularly cleaning them with X-Pressions Extra Strength Antiseptic Swabs by Tattoo Goo. The swabs are made with an all-in-one CPC-MSM complex formula with Cet-C to prevent infection, inflammation, and scarring. Try out X-Pressions Extra Strength Antiseptic Swabs and feel the difference.

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