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Piercing Care Cleansing Swabs

(9 customer reviews)

Just snap, let flow and apply this formula containing Cet-C, a powerful antibacterial and antimicrobial that prevents infection.

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No touch, no mess! Just snap the end of the single-use swabs to let medication flow gently down the reservoir tube for easy cleaning of your new piercing. Good for both oral and dermal piercings, these all-in-one medicated swabs prevent infection, inflammation and scarring. Our Cleansing Swabs contain a CPC-MSM Complex formula with Cet-C. It’s water-based and contains no alcohol that can burn new piercings.

Quick Facts:

  • Prevents infection and scarring
  • For oral and dermal piercings
  • No alcohol or sea salt
  • Speeds healing

Note: Product packaging may vary.

How to Use

Simply snap the lined end of the swab to allow the medicated liquid to flow gently down the reservoir tube. The product is now ready for gentle application to the skin surface. Swabs are designed for single use — throw away the swab after application.

We’re proud to say all Tattoo Goo products are:

  • Handcrafted and Packaged in the USA
  • Petroleum Jelly and Lanolin-Free
  • Dermatologist Tested
  • Cruelty-Free

Tattoo Goo xPression Swabs


CET-C, Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane (MSM), Cetylpyridinium Chloride and Dimethyl Sulfone: CPC-MSM Complex, Glycerin, Peppermint Flavor, Purified Water, Distilled Water

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9 Reviews for Piercing Care Cleansing Swabs

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  1. I Love these swabs

    I was turned onto these medicated swabs by a friend after having some issues with a recent nipple piercing. They work WONDERS and offer such relief for what can be a painful situation. I highly recommend.

    Kristina W.

  2. Love these!

    Wow! Our 4 year old recently got her ears pierced, and these have been so amazing. The store gave us a clunky bottle that was hard to use with a child to know we were keeping things clean. These were the solution we needed. They are so easy to use. It’s got great packaging – easy to travel with or keep in your bag. It even made the cleaning process fun for all of us. Even though she is past the daily cleanings, she still brings the package over for a fresh clean feeling now and again!

    Sarah S (verified owner)

  3. Are they supposed to break?

    I received product reimbursement in exchange for my honest review. To activate the swabs you have to snap one end which releases the cleaning solution into the swab. I am not sure if the end is supposed to snap off and make a mess. However, that is what happened. Once I got one to work and used it. My piercing does feel cleaner. No adverse effects like redness or swelling. So they work well.

    Matt Shaw (verified owner)

  4. Easy to use and doesn’t burn

    I received product reimbursement in exchange for my honest review. This product was easy to use for cleaning a piercing and it doesn’t burn or anything and seems safe to use. It’s nice to have a prefilled applicator. You just snap the tip and it wets the applicator with what I assume is an appropriate amount of solution. The only thing that bothered me is that it says on the package “The product should be used sparingly” but it doesn’t give any indication of how much is too much or directions on how frequently it can be used.

    Kim Iquina (verified owner)

  5. Great swabs!

    I received product reimbursement in exchange for my honest review. These are great cleaning swabs. I used them for my daughters ear and they have kept it clean! I am so glad to have a safe product like this. Great swabs! (verified owner)

  6. Great product!

    I received product reimbursement in exchange for my honest review.
    These cleansing swabs are the absolute best! I’ve used them after recently getting my ear pierced. The instructions are self explanatory and very easy to follow. I love that’s it is easy to activate the applicator and you don’t have to worry about touching the piercing. It was super easy to snap the applicator and apply the product. I also love that they are one use and disposable. Over highly impressed with this product! I would defiantly recommend and would purchase again if I get another piercing!

    Albb17 (verified owner)

  7. Easy to use, alcohol free

    I received product reimbursement in exchange for my honest review. wow! what a great product! such a great idea! didn’t know I needed such a product but glad I found out! alcohol amd fragrance free. Doesnt burn. easy to use. just snap end and let it flow on own. Great product!

    Ruth Slang (verified owner)

  8. Handy but not for me.

    I received product reimbursement in exchange for my honest review. I found these difficult to use – when snapping the tip to activate, the tip always snapped off completely. I like to use one end to “wash” and one to dry and that’s not possible with this product, only the “wet” part is useable. It would be convenient for traveling with limited space in my luggage for a bottle of cleaner, otherwise I wouldn’t purchase this again for my own use.

    AndyNicole (verified owner)

  9. Compact size and great efficiency

    I received product reimbursement in exchange for my honest review.

    The xpressions cleansing swabs are very handy for piercing aftercare.

    You snap one end of the swab, and the cleansing solution flows to the opposite end of the swab.

    The cleaning swabs are very sanitary and easy to use. They arrive in a small compact container, and you don’t have to worry about cleansing solution leaking.

    Penny Brusky (verified owner)

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