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Summertime Piercing Care

Summertime Piercing Care

Now that the weather is warmer, you might be thinking about getting a great new piercing to show off with your summer wardrobe. Maybe you’ve planned a new piercing for a while or you just want something fun and creative to celebrate this summer.

It may seem like the perfect season to go out and get a new piercing, but you’ll still need to be careful and make sure your body art has a chance to heal properly. Read on for some tips on taking care of your new piercing while having fun in the sun.

Too Cool for the Pool

Whether you’re headed to the beach or the neighborhood pool, you’ll need to exercise caution with your new piercing and avoid swimming until it’s fully healed. Some piercing parlors recommend waiting at minimum 24 hours after the piercing to go for a swim, but it’s safer to wait until the area is completely healed before jumping into any body of water, whether a hot tub or the ocean.

A new piercing can take a while to fully heal. Depending on the body part, you could be waiting weeks to even months. However, avoiding swimming for a little while is way less frustrating and painful than dealing with an infected piercing.

So Fresh and So Clean

Sunscreen is a must these days, especially in the sun-drenched days of summer. However, you’ll want to make sure your fresh piercing stays clean, so avoid getting products like sunscreen or make-up on the healing area.

No Catches Here

Make sure your clothing doesn’t rub on the healing area or risk pulling at the piercing. That’s a good practice, whether your piercing is brand-new or not; but if you just went under the needle, you might not realize how much some clothing can chafe the healing area. Just be mindful of the pierced area and be prepared to dress for comfort as well as style.

Go Hands-Free

You’re excited to show off your new piercing, and your friends might be curious about it. Just make sure that neither they nor you touch the area too much. Handling the pierced area too many times puts you at risk for infection, and that’s the last thing you want to happen.

Hot Days & Cool Piercing Care

High-quality piercing care is always in season, no matter what time of year you get your new piercing. However, the extra sweat you may experience in the summer means you’ll have to make sure your piercing stays both clean and dry.

Tattoo Goo’s products make post-piercing care and healing a snap, especially in the summertime. The Tattoo Goo Antimicrobial Soap thoroughly cleans new piercings without any fragrances or the drying effect of alcohol. The Blue Wave Medical Grade Saline Cleansing Solution supports the piercing healing process by gently disinfecting the area. And both the X-Pressions Extra Strength Antiseptic Spray and the X-Pressions Extra Strength Antiseptic Swabs help fight infection while moisturizing new piercings. While you can purchase the products a la carte, Tattoo Goo also offers the Piercing Aftercare Kit, so you can grab everything you need to keep your new piercing cool this summer – and save a few dollars in the process.

With these handy tips and Tattoo Goo’s great piercing aftercare products, you can enjoy your awesome new piercing while also making sure it stays clean and heals properly. With just a little bit of effort and care, you can have a blast this summer while your piercing heals, providing you with body art that can look fantastic for many summers to come.