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Take the Stress Out of Caring for New Piercings

Take the Stress Out of Caring for your New Piercing

Congrats – you just got a new piercing, or you’re planning to get one soon. As with all body art, you want to make sure that your piercing gets off to a good start and doesn’t get infected. But you also don’t want to stress out about the healing process. How do you find the right combination of products that will keep your piercing safe and clean?

Getting an all-in-one care kit like the Tattoo Goo Piercing Aftercare Kit is a great option. The handy, easy-to-use products in the kit are part of a simple three-step cleaning process. With them, cleaning your new piercing is quick and easy. Plus, the kit saves you money when you purchase the products bundled together.

General Guidelines

When you have a brand-new piercing:

  • It’s important to clean it two to three times daily.
  • Avoid touching or playing with it.
  • Don’t wear clothing or items that could potentially catch on it.

For more general tips on new piercing care, check out our blog post called Caring for Your Piercing.

Lean, Mean Cleaning Machine

When it’s time to clean your new dermal piercing, the first thing you want to do is use the Tattoo Goo Deep Cleansing Soap. This soap gently and thoroughly cleans the area. It’s alcohol-free, so you won’t feel that uncomfortable drying feeling that some soaps leave behind. It also offers broad-spectrum antibacterial and antimicrobial protection, getting you on the road to healing.

The Solution for Piercing Care

Next, disinfect oral and dermal piercings with the Blue Wave Medical Grade Saline Cleansing Solution. This solution is made with natural medical-grade saline – not sea salt, which can contain untested minerals and metals that can have negative effects on open wounds. In addition, the solution is free of alcohol, and it comes in a more environmentally-friendly non-aerosol spray.

Super Swabs

For the last of the three steps, give your oral or dermal piercing a moisturizing cleanse with the X-Pressions Extra Strength Antiseptic Swabs. These medicated swabs are super easy-to-use, and they can help to prevent infection, inflammation, and scarring. As with the other products in the Tattoo Goo Piercing Aftercare Kit, the swabs contain no alcohol or unsterilized sea salt.

Less Stress and a Lower Cost

If you want to avoid the hassle of going into stores to purchase your piercing care products, it’s easy to order the Piercing Aftercare Kit through the Tattoo Goo online shop. Buying the items in the kit as one convenient bundle saves you some money as compared to buying them individually. But rest assured that all of the items in the kit are also available as individual products on the online shop, so if you run low on one, you can easily restock your supply.