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Three Things Our Balm is Great For

Tattoo Goo Salve Hero

Nothing beats an original. That’s why our balm has been a fan favorite since 1998. Over the years, our customers have found some pretty awesome ways to use our balm — other than healing tattoos! Here are just a few.

Peeling skin due to sunburn There’s nothing worse than coming back from a day at the pool or beach with a bright red burn. Oh wait, yes there is… there’s that fun thing that happens called peeling. Especially if it’s in a very visible area, you may want to conceal that as much as possible. We’ve heard our balm does the trick! It’s small enough to take on-the-go for touchups throughout the day and has been said to quickly help clear up peeling.

Cuticle Cream. Think your cuticles are just piles of dead skin at the base of your nails? Think again. Cuticles keep nails healthy by protecting them from bacterial and fungal infections. And you don’t want one of those. A key part of keeping them healthy is making sure they don’t crack—in other words, keep them moisturized! A little bit of daily TLC with our balm on the bed of your nails can do the trick.

On-the-go moisturizer—even for non-tattooed skin. Time and time again we hear of balm thieves. Yepp, that’s right. The culprit: a loving partner of someone with tattooed skin. The tattooed person will buy balm to help with the aftercare process, and before you know it, the other part of the pair has taken it for themselves because they realized how freaking awesome it is at keeping skin moisturized, soft and smooth.