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Tips for Covering Up a Bad Tattoo

Tips for Covering Up a Bad Tattoo

One of the best – and worst – things about tattoos is that they’re permanent. If you love your tattoo and take proper care of it, it can last and look great for a long time. However, that permanence can be frustrating if you eventually regret your tattoo or wish you hadn’t gotten it. Maybe your tastes have changed. Maybe you got a name or image tattooed of someone you don’t want in your life anymore. (Hey, we’re not judging – it’s your body and your tattoo!) Or maybe your tattoo faded or didn’t heal properly and you wish you had a do-over.

Regardless of the reason for your tattoo regret, you have options. If you still like the design and it’s just a little faded, you could get your tattoo touched up. You could also opt for laser removal. However, many people decide that the fastest, easiest, and most fun thing to do with a bad tattoo is to get it covered up.

If you’re thinking about covering up a tattoo that you don’t want anymore, here are some tips to consider before sitting in your artist’s chair again.

Get an Expert Opinion

Before you decide what exactly to do with your less-than-perfect tattoo, consult with your tattoo artist about what would work as a good cover-up. For example, a tattoo with a lot of solid areas and little fading might have to be added to rather than covered. Your artist can give you a good idea of what’s realistic and how the final cover-up will look.

Did your current artist do the work you want to be removed? Don’t be afraid to ask them about a cover-up, as long as you’re courteous and professional. Tell them why you’ve outgrown the image or don’t want it on your body anymore. Make sure you state that you appreciate the quality of their work and that’s why you want them to perform the cover-up tattoo.

Plan the New Tattoo Pattern

While you might have a cover-up image in mind, remember that your artist will have a better idea of whether or not it will look good in the long term. While consulting with your artist, ask what design elements will work with the area. For example:

  • Find out if there are ideal colors to include or specific shades you should avoid.
  • Ask if linework is possible, and if so, where it can go in the design.
  • See how large your artist thinks the cover-up will need to be: either roughly the same size as the original tattoo or larger.

The earlier in the process you can set expectations, the happier you’ll be with the final tattoo cover-up.

New Tattoo, New You

Once you have a general picture of what could work (and not work) for your tattoo cover-up, it’s time to find a design that you like better. If you already have something in mind, talk it over with your artist and see if it will work for the area, possibly with some minor adjustments.If you don’t know what you want as your tattoo cover-up, now’s the time to figure out the perfect replacement. Consider whether you want an original piece or a classic flash tattoo. And while this should go without saying, focus on selecting a design you’re likely to love for a while, especially since it may be challenging to cover up your cover-up tattoo.

Easy Tattoo Cover-Up Care

Before you begin your tattoo cover-up process, make sure you’re ready to start the healing process on the right foot. Tattoo Goo’s high-quality tattoo care products can help your cover-up tattoo begin healing and looking great from the very first day.

You can opt for the easiest care solution (and save a few dollars in the process) by purchasing the Tattoo Goo Tattoo Care Kit, or you can buy your care products individually. The unscented and alcohol-free Tattoo Goo Antimicrobial Soap provides a deep cleaning that feels gentle and doesn’t dry out your fresh ink. The specially formulated Tattoo Goo Lotion with Healix Gold + Panthenol delivers non-greasy moisturizing as well as itch relief. And the petroleum- and lanolin-free Tattoo Goo Balm works as a protection product for both healing and healed tattoos. It also comes in a handy mini balm size.

By planning your cover-up tattoo thoughtfully and caring for it during and after the healing process, your new ink will look great for a long time to come. You’ll be thankful you can say goodbye to the regret of your old design and hello to your cool new cover-up.