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Tips for Covering Up a Bad Tattoo

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A young woman with a large arm tattoo, holds a tattoo gun and finishes a tattoo on another person's forearm.

Featured Artist: Trudy Lines

Trudy has been obsessed with drawing ever since she can remember. Thus pursuing higher education at the “Higher Technical Institute for Graphic and Communication Design” seemed like an obvious choice.

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A tattoo artist wearing blue gloves, working on a tattoo on someone's arm.

6 Things You Should Do (and not do) Before Heading to the Tattoo Shop

Read these tips before heading to next tattoo appointment. They might make your experience a tad more comfortable.

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Caring for your piercing blog

Caring for Your Piercing

We’ve consulted with top parlor operators to compile these simple instructions for safe healing.

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Tattoo Goo Aftercare Kit

How to Get the Most out of Our Tattoo Aftercare Kit

We break down the four products in our kit with recommendations on when to use each one and why.

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6 Tattoo No's

6 Things to Never Do to Your Tattoo

When it comes to caring for your tattoos, make sure you never make these six mistakes

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A young, bearded man wears a backwards baseball cap and has a nose ring.

Featured Artist: Babiery Hernandez

His signature style includes bold lines and bright colors; all accompanied with a great amount of detail and dimension.

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Tattoo Goo Salve Hero

Three Things Our Balm is Great For

Did you know It’s not just for tattoos?

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A bearded man wearing a black knit hat and black shirt has ear gauges and large metal bracelets.

Featured Artist: Wilson Chacon

Wilson approaches each tattoo as a collaboration with his client and especially enjoys the challenge of taking on more complicated pieces that other artists have turned away.

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A dark haired man with beard and mustache has several facial piercings and gauged ears.

Featured Artist: Jhon Campuzano

His work focuses on portraits and surrealism with an incredible amount of finely tuned detail.

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