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How to Help Tattoos Keep Their Bold Lines

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A bearded man wearing a black knit hat and black shirt has ear gauges and large metal bracelets.

Featured Artist: Wilson Chacon

Wilson approaches each tattoo as a collaboration with his client and especially enjoys the challenge of taking on more complicated pieces that other artists have turned away.

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A dark haired man with beard and mustache has several facial piercings and gauged ears.

Featured Artist: Jhon Campuzano

His work focuses on portraits and surrealism with an incredible amount of finely tuned detail.

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A man sits back on a couch with his hands in his lap showing numerous tattoos on his arms and hands.

A Pain Guide for Getting Your New Tattoo

Check out this diagram to see where tattooing can be most (and least) comfortable.

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A woman in a grey tank top holds a mug and shows her many, colorful tattoos from her shoulder to her wrist.

Your Frequently Asked Questions about Tattoo Healing — Answered

Check out these important tips to ensure your tattoo heals beautifully and your skin is protected.

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Uncovering Coverup Tattoos Hero

Uncovering Cover-Up Tattoos

We interviewed Tattoo Goo Hall of Fame Artists Trudy Lines and Mike Evans to see how you can take your old tattoo from ‘ick’ to ‘siiick’ by getting freshly inked.

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Petroleum Jelly Blog Post Hero

Why Petroleum Jelly is not a Friend to Your Tattoo

As with most decisions, an informed choice is always the best choice. Especially when it comes to something as personal as your skin.

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A dark haired woman raises her hand to her neck showing tattoos on her arm, hand and neck.

Featured Artist: Duffy Fortner

Duffy is a self-proclaimed “tattoo brat” having grown up in the industry — her parents started Red Octopus Tattoos in 1992, when Duffy was six years old.

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A tattoo on the back of someone's arm of a hammer cracking a skull and a sign that says "hard work!".

Everything you need to know before getting your first tattoo

You’ve been planning your first tattoo for weeks, maybe years, and now you’re finally ready to make the commitment. Are you prepared?

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A man with facial hair and two ear piercings.

Featured Artist: Nico Perez

Niko has always been an artist and loves all forms of art including drawing and sculpture.

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