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What to Consider When Designing Your Own Tattoo

What to Consider When Designing Your Own Tattoo

Do you dream of designing your very own tattoo? If so, you’re not alone. Countless people around the world have worked with their tattoo artists to make unique and meaningful tattoo designs, creating artwork that they can wear forever.

Whether you have a sketchbook filled with meaningful and beautiful designs or just one outline on a paper napkin, you might think your artwork is ready to be permanently placed on your skin. But before you approach your artist and say that you’re up for designing your own tattoo, there are some important things to consider…and some pitfalls you’ll want to avoid.

Tattoo Designing Dilemmas

If you’re planning your first tattoo and are determined to draw it yourself, you might want to put down your sketching pencil for a moment and think about the following issues.

  • How detailed is your artwork? A design with incredibly small or intricate lines might look amazing on paper, but it could be pretty challenging to replicate on your skin, even for the most tenured tattoo artist. Plus, the results might eventually stretch or fade out, especially depending on the part of your body where you want to get inked. And speaking of tattoo locations…
  • Where do you want the tattoo to go on your body? If it’s an area that will stretch regularly (such as fingers, knees, and elbows) or be rubbed by your clothes (like the waistband of your jeans or your shoes), the results could fade faster than you anticipate.
  • If it’s a large design or on an especially sensitive body area, are you comfortable committing to it knowing that it might be more painful than you think? No judgment at all here – it’s just that sometimes people overestimate their pain tolerance, and you definitely don’t want to start something you’re not ready to finish.

Even if you’ve thought about all of the issues mentioned above and are convinced that you still want to move forward, it’s still a smart idea to consult with your tattoo artist to make sure that your design would work well. And if you’re not sure about your answers to the questions above, a good tattoo artist can help talk you through them.

Your Tattoo Artist’s Advice

No one wants their tattoo idea to be criticized, especially if it’s something they designed themselves. But trust us – it’s better to have your idea critiqued and fixed now than once it’s permanently on your skin.

If you are thinking about designing your own tattoo, set up a consultation with your artist, whether it’s someone you’ve worked with before or a professional recommended by a friend. Tell them that you’re interested in having your design inked, but you also value their professional opinion and want to work with them to make sure that the resulting tattoo will look the way you want long-term. A good tattoo artist can give you honest feedback about whether your design will work for the area you want and help set expectations for the pain you’ll experience when getting that area of skin tattooed. Remember, artists want their clients to be happy – and they want their work to look great, too.

When collaborating with your artist, try to be open to compromise. You know what you want, but your artist knows how the tattoo will probably look in a year. By making some adjustments, you might come up with a design you still love that also has a better chance of looking fantastic in the long run.

Designing a Tattoo Care Routine

While you’re preparing to get your tattoo, you’ll want to make sure you’re ready to support the healing process. Get your tattoo aftercare products before your appointment; that way, you won’t have to stand in line at a grocery store or drugstore with fresh ink when you’d rather be sitting and relaxing.

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