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Don’t Neglect It, Protect It!

Tattoo Goo aftercare products have everything you need to go from healing to healed and beyond.

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Aftercare Products for Tattoos and Piercings

How Our Tattoo Aftercare Kit Products Work Together

As your tattoo heals, it goes through several different stages. Learn what product to use when plus how to care for your tattoo after it heals.

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Tattoo Aftercare Kit

How to Care for Your Piercing

We’ve consulted with top parlor operators to compile these simple instructions for safe healing.

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Petroleum Free

Petroleum jelly blocks moisture from entering or leaving your skin. But the tattooing process causes moisture loss, and your skin needs it to heal. That’s why you’ll find no petroleum jelly in any of our products.

Natural Relief

We know healing tattoos or piercings can be uncomfortable. That’s why we include the natural, itch-relieving ingredient panthenol in our Tattoo Goo® Lotion, and all of our piercing products are alcohol-free.


Natural, moisturizing ingredients mimic skin’s natural oils lost during the tattoo and piercing process. This familiar makeup efficiently replaces lost moisture and aids in faster healing times.

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